SMRTR provides cloud-based, market leading invoice automation for manufacturers, distributors and retailers with AP Essentials (aka Readsoft Online™) and Kofax AP Agility. Invoice processing can now be managed from any location.

When you need an affordable cloud-based solution to process your PO and Expense invoices, organizations turn to AP Essentials. This solution provides powerful and accurate data extraction for two and three-way matching of invoices to purchase order and goods received. Integration with your ERP or Accounting solution provides a seamless process from invoicing to payment. 

For organizations that need more flexibility, AP Agility is the solution that provides embedded AI to automate recognition, identification, and the extraction of data from your invoices. Develop custom workflows and forms to ensure employees never have to leave the application to seek out information. Get insight into your invoice processing, supplier performance and business spend. Detailed views on invoice processing time, invoices coming due, workloads and exception reporting equip organizations with the information they need to continuously improve their AP processes. For organizations moving work to the cloud, AP Agility provide a cloud-based alternative to managing applications on site.

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Accounts Payable Automation Software

Automating your core processes can give your company a competitive edge, which is why SMRTR provides accounts payable automation solutions to help your business thrive. Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers now have access to advanced accounts payable automation tools and software that can help them to manage their invoices from anywhere in the world.

How Accounts Payable Automation Can Improve Your Business

Why should you consider using accounts payable automation software for your business? Companies that automate these core processes discover the following benefits:

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