Managing supplier documentation is time consuming and error prone. You often don’t know what you are missing until there is an audit which is inconvenient and can be expensive. Ensuring you have the required paperwork to be in compliant has never been easier than with with SMRTR Compliance™.

 SMRTR provides automatic notifications, reminders, and a self-service portal so suppliers and vendors can easily upload their documents. Documents are then presented for approval or rejected with automatic notifications of the reason and reminders are sent to notify suppliers when documents are approaching expiration.

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Onboarding/Compliance Requirements

Adds a list of required documentation based upon the vendor profile. Rules are applied to these documents.


Notifies and reminds vendors of the required documentation with instructions for uploading.


Vendors attach the required documentation to the portal at a company, item or purchase order level.


Routes documents for approval. Alternatively, you may send notification of items waiting for your approval.

Mobile Approvals

Approve documents electronically via web or mobile devices.


Monitor vendor compliance and approve requests. Vendors can access their dashboard to track compliance and approval status.

Supplier Compliance Software — Onboarding Solutions & Vendor Tools

Manually managing supplier documentation can undermine operational agility and erode productivity. Additionally, an overreliance on manual document management processes can open the door for costly and potentially catastrophic data entry errors that put your organization at risk of non-compliance.

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Streamline Supplier Onboarding and Compliance

Let us help you reduce costs by automating your onboarding process, avoid risk by maintaining supplier compliance and provide you with an affordable and distinct competitive advantage.

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