When you need an affordable, cloud-based solution to process your Purchase Order and Expense invoices, organizations turn to  SMRTR’s Accounts Payable Automation Software, AP Essentials. AP Essentials provides powerful and accurate data extraction for two and three-way matching of invoices to purchase order line items and goods received. AP Essentials checks to ensure the invoice and invoice items have not been previously paid and routes your invoices for GL coding and approvals. Integration with your ERP or Accounting solution provides a seamless process from invoicing to payment. 

AP Automation Solutions

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AP Essentials

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of AP staff time is spent handling exceptions within the invoicing process
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lower processing
cost per invoice
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lower invoice
exception rate
Accounts Payable Automation Services

Accounts Payable Automation

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Accounts Payable Automation Solutions

Automating your core processes can give your company a competitive edge, which is why SMRTR provides accounts payable automation solutions to help your business thrive. Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers now have access to advanced accounts payable automation tools and software that can help them to manage their invoices from anywhere in the world.

How Our Accounts Payable Automation Software Can Improve Your Business

Why should you consider using accounts payable automation software for your business? Companies that automate these core processes discover the following benefits:

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