At SMRTR we understand that your business is all about efficiency and cost savings. We find the best way to contribute to your margins is by helping to eliminate manual processes and streamline your business by automating the more tedious work so your knowledge workers can focus on tasks that add value to the business. The most eco-friendly distributor use business process automation to eliminate waste, paper and support a distributed workforce, if needed. 

SMRTR provides a number of solutions to help augment your existing core business applications such as  using digital workflows to automate your invoice processing with 2/3-way matching and exception handling to reduce your costs by as much as 70%. We provide paperless processes such as proof of delivery, backhaul tracking, online customer payments, mobilizing your forms and much more allow you to leverage your employees’ time more effectively, retain talent, reduce days to payment and labor costs. At SMRTR we love leveraging technology and innovation to help you create more value for your business.

Business Automation for Transportation

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Electronic Proof of Delivery System

Electronic Proof of Delivery

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Accounts Payable Automation

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Backhaul Tracking

Backhaul Tracking

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