Manufacturers and distributors in the food and beverage industry find the best way to contribute to the bottom line is by reducing risk and costs to the business. At SMRTR, we are focused on providing cost-effective technology solutions that enable you to reduce risk by being compliant with FSMA regulations while providing new opportunities to automate critical business functions.

Using digital workflows to automate your invoice processing with 2/3-way matching and exception handling can reduce your costs by as much as 70%. While creating paperless processes such as proof of delivery, backhaul tracking, online customer payments and much more allow you to leverage your employees’ time more effectively, retain talent, reduce days to payment and labor costs. At SMRTR we love leveraging technology and innovation to help you create more value for your business.

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“We recently acquired a new ERP solution which meant replacing our accounts payable automation solution and chose SMRTR to help us. SMRTR was able to effectively deliver their solution to perform vendor invoice reconciliation and routing for corrections and approval. The team was knowledgeable, very responsive and great to work with! As a result, we called upon SMRTR to help us in a number of ways to drive automation and efficiencies in our business,” shared Shawnna Azure. 

Ms. Azure continues, “One example is to alert us if we do not get all of our proof of delivery documents back from our deliveries. Additionally, SMRTR created user friendly invoices and statements, they automated the preparation of our checks, ACH transactions and positive pay instructions for our bank and integrated with our customer payment portal so customers could retrieve a copy of their invoices and credits on demand. We are also using SMRTR’s content management system and scanning solution. Throughout the implementation of our ERP solution, SMRTR was there to help solve problems, bridge gaps and provide assurance that our investments would deliver the results we expected. We couldn’t be happier with SMRTR solutions and their team!” 

– Shawnna Azure, VP of Finance, Cash-Wa Distributing Co.

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