Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers manage large volumes of documents and information. SMRTR CMS is a centralized solution for capturing, storing and retrieving electronic and paper documents that are critical to the business so that employees can respond to customer requests, audits and more.

SMRTR CMS enables organizations to transform electronic files of virtually any format into professional looking documents, dynamically parsing them apart and distribute to high volume printers, email, shared files and more. Businesses looking for ways to pull multiple documents together electronically and organize them in a specific sequence for distribution such as export documents, accounts payable remittances and others, turn to SMRTR’s bundle management solution to respond.

An Information Management Solution

SMRTR CMS is designed to streamline and transform the way you do business by electronically collecting new information,
sharing content, automating distribution, workflows and
delivering insights to help you make better decisions.

Content management services

Content Management


An affordable Content Management Solution that allows you to capture, search and retrieve any type of content from any source across the enterprise.

SMRTR Capture

Easy and cost-effective way to capture process-ready documents and data from both paper and electronic sources with speed and accuracy from anywhere in your enterprise.


Engage your customers with business communications that are fully personalised and interact with them using sophisticated automated workflows.

smrtr business process automation

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