Small Steps with Big Impacts

FSMA Compliant Groceries

Food safety is critical to ensuring we don’t get ill from the miss handling of food and food related products.  Fortunately, regulation is in place to ensure manufacturing processes, handling, transportation and storage is done so in a manner that keeps us all safe. That said, we have to find a way to relax practices that will enable us to do a better job of recycling and getting away from plastics.

I envision a day when I can take a bottle for my detergents into a grocery store and just have it filled and weighed, paying on a per ounce basis and allowing me to eliminate one more plastic container that I buy and then have to consciously figure out a way to destroy. 

No, I am not a Millennial, Gen X, Gen Y or Gen Z; just a run of the mill Baby Boomer who is too concerned about our environment. Consider the possibilities! This could lead to a whole new way we shop for specific items ranging from dishwashing detergent to shampoos. Then consider the way it will change how these  products are advertised on the shelf.

But we know, it will take a few big players to make this change ranging from how the items are packaged, transported and dispensed to store displays and shelving to hold and support the bigger containers. We can make a difference, we just need more relaxed regulation in the right areas.

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